Provide Clarity to Your Family

The Personal Property Memo App is used as part of your will or trust for identifying who to
distribute your tangible personal items to upon your death. Identify items, select recipients, include photos,
and then generate a memorandum in seconds all within the app. Easily update items and recipients
as necessary without the hassle of having to find the previous memo.

Allowed In Nearly Every State!

Click the map to find out about your state. The property memo is also
useful in states that do not allow a memorandum by providing guidance
to your executor.


Generate a Clear Memo

Generating a memo with photos eliminates ambiguity over what specific item was intended to be distributed.

Manage Items with Photos

As you obtain/discard items or change recipients, the App enables easy subsequent changes.

Generate Memo Within App

The memorandum is generated on Your device within the App in seconds.

Easily Export Memo

Transmit the memo to yourself, your lawyer, or your family through your device's built-in applications, such as e-mail.

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