Does Ohio allow a tangible personal property memorandum?

Ohio appears to allow a tangible personal property memorandum by incorporation by reference. Specifically, Ohio Rev. Code § 2107.05 states:

(A) An existing document, book, record, or memorandum may be incorporated in a will by reference, if referred to as being in existence at the time the will is executed. That document, book, record, or memorandum shall be deposited in the probate court when the will is probated or within thirty days after the will is probated, unless the court grants an extension of time for good cause shown. A copy may be substituted for the original document, book, record, or memorandum if the copy is certified to be correct by a person authorized to take acknowledgments.

(B) Notwithstanding division (A) of this section, if a will incorporates a trust instrument only in the event that a bequest or devise to the trust is ineffective, the trust instrument shall be deposited in the probate court not later than thirty days after the final determination that such bequest or devise is ineffective.

(C) If a testator intends to incorporate a trust instrument in a will, the testator's will shall manifest that intent through the use of the term incorporate, made a part of, or similar language. In the absence of such clear and express intent, a trust instrument shall not be incorporated into or made a part of the will. Any language in the testator's will that only identifies a trust shall not be sufficient to manifest an intent to incorporate that trust instrument by reference in the will.

(D) The amendment of this section by adding divisions (B) and (C) applies, and shall be construed as applying, to the wills of testators who die on or after the effective date of this amendment.

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